Gone Gladiators

Let me touch on football for a minute. No not the American one but the one where you play the ball with your feet, hence football.

I have been a supporter of Arsenal ever since I watched one of the classic FA cup finals in the history of the game. The 1971 final against Liverpool. I saw the documentary and eventually watched the it on classic FA matches that was being played on the telly a decade ago.

The Goalkeepers don’t have any fancy gloves that support the wrist against a rocket of a strike that come their way. The boots heavy and the players play for the club and not the contract.

Those days are gone.

Owners used to be fans of football as well but now men in 3 piece suits govern the club and  just like a ramora it feeds of the money making machinery of the club.

Gone are the days of players playing for pride. The games used to be dominated by gladiators and warriors.

Now it is a bunch of spoiled brats with a lot of money that has too much power and can cause a manager to be sacked. Simply because they don’t like the way the team is built around them.

I have witnessed an end of an era and the now this generation of players needs to find that identity that would define them as sporting gods and not merely an endorser of goods.



R2 Nomad

Straight out of work, I bolted out of the office door like a greyhound chasing after a rabbit in Miami. The R2 dropped at 12 noon on the first week of April. There were no camp outs due to the mid-day release and most people were still in their offices.

This was beginning to feel like an episode of Amazing Race. The bus ride cannot be more excruciating and the Dubai traffic made it more worse. The first pit-stop was home. I have to get out of my office suit and into a more urban comfortable clothing.

The winter has ended and the mercury have started to rise and the sun tend to dangle in the sky a little longer. The Cab ride was smooth but the distance from my base to the mall was 22 kilometers. The longer that I am on the road the more it felt like a reality show.

Finally I reached Dubai Mall. I happen to pass by Muji and grabbed myself 3 pairs of socks. I love their socks it is the most comfortable there is in Dubai.

After the purchase I had to refocus and literally run to the Adidas Originals. The race became a slalom run, weaving through people, escalators and other structures.

Finally as I entered the shop, the shoe shone like a treasure in one of the Indiana Jones movies. The crowd had already swollen and getting to the shoe took longer than it should have. Booby traps set, sword fights break out and a shaman standing by the shoe.

The R2 NMD is all primeknit upper with a leather heel counter and the normal mesh heel tab. Primeknits are the most comfortable upper material out there and this particular colourway is a must cop for me.

The on feet trial was great. The amount of boost that Adidas has put is simply incredible. It is very comfortable and it just makes my feet very happy

Now it is time to be a Nomad with this pair

The Hunt

The olive-green initially was released as limited edition. The first shipment was just 200 pieces here in Dubai. I bought 3 pairs one for me and the other 2 to be shipped and sold in Manila.

The sneaker came with a dog tag and it is like a certification that only 200 pieces exist in Dubai. This was released February 2017 and I copped right away. The stocks moved but not as I expected. The colorway was not much of a hit here in the gulf area. Outside GCC it was a huge hit.

The primeknit upper is 3.0 version and the cage is matte green. It reminds me of the plastic military toy soldiers and tanks that I play with when I was a child. The soft primeknit sits on a boost midsole and the bottom is made by Continental. The sole this time is of cream colour instead of the usual black that we see in the regular boost.

This pair is unique and I will be rocking this baby a lot.

Between the Raindrops

It was a mad scramble once the door flung open. The rain was pouring in Dubai like it was a tropical country during the typhoon season. Rain in the desert normally is just a drizzle or spray that you can generally shrug off. But this one you can’t deny the volume that you have to run to the bus shed.

The night rain was the signal of the cold season’s end and the heat will slowly creep in the days to come. I like the scent of the rain though. It reminds me so much of my homeland. Wind blows and you get a whiff of the rain and green leaves combined. It feels fresh and at home.

I was wearing a pair of Brogues and the suit jacket flung over my head acting as a canopy against the very rare Dubai rain. The sprint to the next shed was fun and nostalgic. It brings you back to the days of hot chocolate and a heavy dry towel over your head that your mom would insist that you don’t take off.

The road to the mall was glistening and yet pitch black. Racing off to the Adidas shop was all I had in mind despite the downpour. The sky was red and there were no signs of slowing down in the next hour.

Rain was dripping from my hair down to my shoulders. I put my hand on my shoulder and tried to dust it off unconsciously…I stayed wet.

Grabbed the latest drop of Ultraboost caged and uncaged silos for that day. The caged version had a 3.0 Primeknit pattern which is super stretchy and soft. This PK sits on top of a boost mid-sole and has a plastic cage and heel cap. The black and white colourway with a glitch pattern in the toe box was giving the sneaker character.

As I reached home. I immediately grabbed a towel and took a long hot shower. The 2 silos of Ultraboost remained unopened. Steam came out the bathroom as I dry myself. I opened the shoe box and looked at the sneakers. The colourway reminded me of a Oreo cookie. More like an Oreo drink.

With the heavy towel over my head I was holding a shoe that has a Oreo colourway…it was indeed my hot chocolate.


Grab em’

Social Media is a beast. It is a monster. A few weeks ago one of my Social Media accounts was almost hacked.

Hacking my Facebook account is not a very good idea. All you will get are sarcasm, food, football and sneakers. Pictures were grabbed and posted somewhere. Geez! What are you the low self-esteem hacker?

When I was given a choice on what profession to take, modelling was never considered and I perfectly know the reason why. I see it everyday in the mirror. So who ever grabbed my photos good luck in trying to make money of it. It will not get you far and I am sorry no naked pics.

Since we are in the topic of grabbing things. I was able to source out a Ultraboost CNY 2017. A little late but just in time for the Russian new year I guess.

This is a limited edition for obvious reasons. There is only one Chinese New Year. Being Asian and to be more specific an oriental. This is a must have for me. Not only the shoes are super fire but it gives you that feeling exclusivity.


It is of Primeknit upper 3.0 and CNY on the top of the tongue. It has the super soft Boost tech of Adidas and a Continental sole for you to run forever like a car.

If you have not tried the Boost technology you are depriving your feet of the comfort it deserves.

To my hacker…grab these


Why am I here?

Sneakers! This is what brought me here.

Ever since I was a young gun I have always been collecting something. May it be toy cars, Comics and action figures right down to music CDs.

What was constant throughout the years were shoes. Sneakers to be more specific. I have been fascinated on the process on how a sneaker is made. The engineering and technology that were poured onto it and the aesthetics that was splashed on, to make it more marketable…then there is the history as well.

This blog is not about the reviews or rating any particular sneaker. If that is what you are expecting then you are in the wrong place. This blog is about my love affair with sneakers and how it affects me in my daily life.

Welcome to my blog and I hope you learn a thing or two about sneakers.

Black Out

19 March when I was able to cop these pair. That’s a full week from the official drop of the Adidas NMD triple black in shops.

The whole point of me going to the mall was to scout for the sneakers I purchased 2 weeks ago. I wanted to know if they are now DS (dead stock).

I go to shops not just to purchase but to keep in touch with my network on drops that will come in the next few weeks or months.

I stopped by Adidas Originals to try out the Iniki runner. Then I saw these last pair of triple black. I snatched it immediately only to find out it is 2 sizes bigger.

I purchased it anyway