Grab em’

Social Media is a beast. It is a monster. A few weeks ago one of my Social Media accounts was almost hacked.

Hacking my Facebook account is not a very good idea. All you will get are sarcasm, food, football and sneakers. Pictures were grabbed and posted somewhere. Geez! What are you the low self-esteem hacker?

When I was given a choice on what profession to take, modelling was never considered and I perfectly know the reason why. I see it everyday in the mirror. So who ever grabbed my photos good luck in trying to make money of it. It will not get you far and I am sorry no naked pics.

Since we are in the topic of grabbing things. I was able to source out a Ultraboost CNY 2017. A little late but just in time for the Russian new year I guess.

This is a limited edition for obvious reasons. There is only one Chinese New Year. Being Asian and to be more specific an oriental. This is a must have for me. Not only the shoes are super fire but it gives you that feeling exclusivity.


It is of Primeknit upper 3.0 and CNY on the top of the tongue. It has the super soft Boost tech of Adidas and a Continental sole for you to run forever like a car.

If you have not tried the Boost technology you are depriving your feet of the comfort it deserves.

To my hacker…grab these



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