Between the Raindrops

It was a mad scramble once the door flung open. The rain was pouring in Dubai like it was a tropical country during┬áthe typhoon season. Rain in the desert normally is just a drizzle or spray that you can generally shrug off. But this one you can’t deny the volume that you have to run to the bus shed.

The night rain was the signal of the cold season’s end and the heat will slowly creep in the days to come. I like the scent of the rain though. It reminds me so much of my homeland. Wind blows and you get a whiff of the rain and green leaves combined. It feels fresh and at home.

I was wearing a pair of Brogues and the suit jacket flung over my head acting as a canopy against the very rare Dubai rain. The sprint to the next shed was fun and nostalgic. It brings you back to the days of hot chocolate and a heavy dry towel over your head that your mom would insist that you don’t take off.

The road to the mall was glistening and yet pitch black. Racing off to the Adidas shop was all I had in mind despite the downpour. The sky was red and there were no signs of slowing down in the next hour.

Rain was dripping from my hair down to my shoulders. I put my hand on my shoulder and tried to dust it off unconsciously…I stayed wet.

Grabbed the latest drop of Ultraboost caged and uncaged silos for that day. The caged version had a 3.0 Primeknit pattern which is super stretchy and soft. This PK sits on top of a boost mid-sole and has a plastic cage and heel cap. The black and white colourway with a glitch pattern in the toe box was giving the sneaker character.

As I reached home. I immediately grabbed a towel and took a long hot shower. The 2 silos of Ultraboost remained unopened. Steam came out the bathroom as I dry myself. I opened the shoe box and looked at the sneakers. The colourway reminded me of a Oreo cookie. More like an Oreo drink.

With the heavy towel over my head I was holding a shoe that┬áhas a Oreo colourway…it was indeed my hot chocolate.



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