R2 Nomad

Straight out of work, I bolted out of the office door like a greyhound chasing after a rabbit in Miami. The R2 dropped at 12 noon on the first week of April. There were no camp outs due to the mid-day release and most people were still in their offices.

This was beginning to feel like an episode of Amazing Race. The bus ride cannot be more excruciating and the Dubai traffic made it more worse. The first pit-stop was home. I have to get out of my office suit and into a more urban comfortable clothing.

The winter has ended and the mercury have started to rise and the sun tend to dangle in the sky a little longer. The Cab ride was smooth but the distance from my base to the mall was 22 kilometers. The longer that I am on the road the more it felt like a reality show.

Finally I reached Dubai Mall. I happen to pass by Muji and grabbed myself 3 pairs of socks. I love their socks it is the most comfortable there is in Dubai.

After the purchase I had to refocus and literally run to the Adidas Originals. The race became a slalom run, weaving through people, escalators and other structures.

Finally as I entered the shop, the shoe shone like a treasure in one of the Indiana Jones movies. The crowd had already swollen and getting to the shoe took longer than it should have. Booby traps set, sword fights break out and a shaman standing by the shoe.

The R2 NMD is all primeknit upper with a leather heel counter and the normal mesh heel tab. Primeknits are the most comfortable upper material out there and this particular colourway is a must cop for me.

The on feet trial was great. The amount of boost that Adidas has put is simply incredible. It is very comfortable and it just makes my feet very happy

Now it is time to be a Nomad with this pair


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