Gone Gladiators

Let me touch on football for a minute. No not the American one but the one where you play the ball with your feet, hence football.

I have been a supporter of Arsenal ever since I watched one of the classic FA cup finals in the history of the game. The 1971 final against Liverpool. I saw the documentary and eventually watched the it on classic FA matches that was being played on the telly a decade ago.

The Goalkeepers don’t have any fancy gloves that support the wrist against a rocket of a strike that come their way. The boots heavy and the players play for the club and not the contract.

Those days are gone.

Owners used to be fans of football as well but now men in 3 piece suits govern the club and  just like a ramora it feeds of the money making machinery of the club.

Gone are the days of players playing for pride. The games used to be dominated by gladiators and warriors.

Now it is a bunch of spoiled brats with a lot of money that has too much power and can cause a manager to be sacked. Simply because they don’t like the way the team is built around them.

I have witnessed an end of an era and the now this generation of players needs to find that identity that would define them as sporting gods and not merely an endorser of goods.



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